Online casinos

Although online sports betting and sportsbooks get a lot of publicity thanks to their tie-ins and sponsorship deals with big sports clubs and competitions, online casinos are a very popular sector of online gambling as a whole.

Some sites are purely casino based but even the big traditional sports bookmakers will normally have a casino section for their customer account holders.

Games to play

Obviously, every site is different but there are definitely a select group of games that you will invariably find on an online casino site – no matter who they are. For most casinos, there will be sites such as that explain all about them and their bonus codes.

Slots are particularly popular and, with the addition of jackpot prizes, are a big draw for potential customers. It is not uncommon for a site to have 300-500 different games including the latest games associated with big TV shows and films, as well as old favourites that customers may remember from ‘bricks and mortar’ casinos before the arrival of the online versions.

Table games

The other main section of online casino sites is the traditional table games area. These are the games that people think of when they imagine a real-life casino – blackjack, baccarat, poker and roulette are the favourites.

Usually, there will be a number of variants of each game depending on different rules or house specialties. There may also be a difference in games depending on what is traditionally popular in the country where the site is based.

Live casinos

In an attempt to recreate the experience of a casino visit even further, many online sites will have a live casino games option. This usually involves a live dealer who presents the game as they would in real life – punters may even be able to interact with them and other players.

Making it fair

One potential aspect of an online casino that may put people off playing is that a computer programme – due to the very nature of the setup – will run the games. Live casino options might help with this but there might still be the suspicion that the programme is designed not to pay out.

To dispel any customer fears any reputable online casino will have their games programmed with a random number generator programme to ensure that the game is realistic as possible.

Welcome gifts

As with online sportsbooks, a big attraction for anyone thinking of signing up with a casino site is the welcome offer. With so many different sites to choose from the site operators know that they need to stand out of the crowd. This is usually achieved by advertising big introductory promotions.

The freebies are usually in the form of a deposit matches and free spins on particular games but this can vary from site to site.

Global differences

Although online casino sites are very popular there are various regions and countries around the world where they are either restricted or illegal. In the US, for example, it is down to each state to make their laws concerning gambling so the rules can change depending on where you are.